Frost and updated hours!

Thanks for keeping up on Facebook with us and hopefully your weatherman or app on your phone is helping you take control of that frost. We saw people putting annuals out over the weekend and hopefully they are going to be ok! If you don't get to covering your new blooms, gently spray them off with a hose and nozzle before the sun can touch them and you can avoid heartbreak. If you think that you're in the clear and you did ok last night, keep those sheets and newspapers handy. Don't use plastic since that might freeze to what you're trying to keep from a horrible ending. We have another freeze warning tonight and 37 degrees again.

We've heard that Memorial Day is the good cut off to plant and while that is a general rule we think works, it is Ohio and we never know!

If you're planning on coming out for plants or mulch, our hours are from 9am to 6pm M-F, Saturday 8am-5pm, 11am-4pm Sunday through Mother's Day!

See you soon!

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